Reptile – ‘Echoes of Twins’ [Single] 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with a tint of nostalgia that makes us snuggle by a fireplace with a book or some good music to soundtrack long dark evenings. London-based band Reptile have made a great contribution to autumn’s unique atmosphere by releasing their single ‘Echoes of Twins’. It’ll get under your skin, touch … Continue reading

Featured EP /// Quiet As A Mouse ‘Memorybox’ 2015

Having started out in 2012, Scottish outfit Quiet As A Mouse have already gained some serious love from music fans and media alike. They make exquisite tunes with a sharp edge, which is free from any kind of arrogance many indie bands so unfortunately display in their sound. QAAM’s debut EP ‘British Flag’ was released in … Continue reading

In their words /// India Mill on ‘In Motion’

There’s something perfectly British about India Mill’s new track ‘In Motion’. The song is driven by relentless energy and beautiful melody which together make it an affair extraordinary and catchy. India Mill’s vocalist and bass player Alistair Smith tells the story of ‘In Motion’. ‘In Motion’ came to me at a very strange time in … Continue reading

In their words /// Against Habit on ‘Complicated Date’

Against Habit offer an impressive music experience with their debut single ‘Complicated Date’. Sinister synth pop arrangements with angelic female vocals will be enough to send your head spinning. Here’s their story. It takes a whole lot of strength to keep pushing. We’ve been at this for almost 3 years and we would be totally … Continue reading

In their words /// Vienna Ditto on ‘Long Way Down’

Roaring guitars, out-of-this-world electronica and soulful female vocals…  What else can you possibly ask for from a superb song? Vienna Ditto give you all of these and even more in their single ‘Long Way Down’. Read on to Hatty Taylor’s story on the song’s birth, give it a spin and get carried away to another … Continue reading

Face to face with The Luka State

The Luka State know how to rock-n-roll in the manner to make you gasp for air in excitement after a few chords. Seriously, these guys’ have the talent to write sharp arrows of songs that pierce your heart straight away. Be it upbeat numbers with a vintage touch, mellow tunes or huge rock songs laden … Continue reading

Face to face with Delta Sleep

There are bands that can constantly surprise you even within the course of one album. That’s very much about Delta Sleep.  One moment they are ambient, calm dreamers and another – turn into loud, post-hardcore noisemakers. June 15 sees the band release their debut ‘Twin Galaxies’ – the album which is unusual in a lot … Continue reading

In their words /// The Step ‘Gravity’ [EP] 2014

Introduction (STE) We really wanted to record this EP, we wanted people to listen to more of our music after so many people sent us compliments on twitter about our song “Let It Go Friends”, we knew that song was like an overture but we were playing a live show with other nice songs and … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Pistolhead

Pistolhead are the kind of band which you wish you had more of around: they have ultimate desire to make really good, unique music and they actually succeed in it. Rock Britain talks to Daniel Bateman to get to know Pistolhead a bit closer and we have learnt an important thing: believe in Pistolhead!  – First of … Continue reading

Track by track /// Two Weeks Running ‘Human Nature’ [EP] 2014

Two Weeks Running boast this special  no-nonsense approach to making their music, so chances are that you’ll be singing and tapping your feet along to every line of their newest EP ‘Human Nature’ after a couple of listens only. Let this talented collective brighten up your day and read on to Two Weeks Running’s introduction … Continue reading