Glue – ‘Balloon’ [EP] 2016

Having risen out of its former incarnation Projected Images, Glue was born after a line-up change – the kind of change which proves crucial and brings a fresh start to the tried and tested ways. December 2015 saw the band launching properly and presenting their debut single ‘Peace For Now’. This summer will be marked by the release of Glue’s … Continue reading

Reptile – ‘Confused’ [Single] 2016

Since their formation in 2014, London-based Reptile have been touring relentlessly and gaining more and more listeners into their loyal following. The same year the band released their debut EP ‘Something and Nothing EP’ which presented the musicians able to mix various genres fluently and talk about a wide range of topics. Come 2016 and Reptile … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// The Diamond Noise ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ [EP] 2013

If you think that rock ‘n’ roll is dead, think twice. Or better give a listen to the London-based The Diamond Noise’s EP ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ and hear for yourself: rock ‘n’ roll is as alive and kicking on this indeed diamond EP as it has never been.

Independent outlook /// Ashestoangels ‘With Tape And Needles’ [Album] 2013

Dark side of music is eternally appealing with its mysterious twists and turns, haunting and alluring for the most sensitive souls and those who like their life soundtracks dark and sexy. Bristol-based Ashestoangels will seduce you with a fresh, sharp, synthy-goth-punk mingle, striking images and ardent passion. The band’s album ‘With Tape And Needles’ lands … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// The Sun Explodes ‘We Build Mountains’ [Album] 2013

The Sun Explodes are one of the fastest-growing music forces on the UK music scene, which is no surprise though with their truly unique sound and energised live shows. While the release of The Sun Explode’s debut album ‘Emergence’ in 2011 was the event that pushed the band to the top of underground rock scene, … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Low Tide Theory ‘Big Sky’ [Album] 2013

Synth-driven electro pop has always been the verge of sophistication and the finest example of quality pop music. While keyboards set the tone of any track of that direction, the application of darker or lighter shades can vary the soundscape dramatically. Low Tide Theory have opted for light, elevating tones in their music, which will … Continue reading

Live session /// Lewis McKale

This summer Brighton-based singer/songwriter Lewis McKale has released his newest EP  ‘The Bigger Picture’ – the record with a very delicate sound and highly positive message. The follow-up to ‘My Father’s Son’ is blistering with soaring emotions, passionate vocals and vulnerability of stripped-back music. The lyrics – honest and sincere – make it easy to relate … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Clang Boom Steam ‘Clang Boom Steam’ [Album] 2013

We all know this sort of music which, while listening to it, holds us, listeners, totally hypnotised by its sound. Liverpool outfit Clang Boom Steam‘s music is intoxicatingly hypnotic in its darkness. The band will take you by the hand and lead you into the underworld of exciting music experience which you won’t want to … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Circle Of Reason ‘These Hands And This Mind’ [EP] 2013

British music scene seems to be beyond all doubt the music realm hiding a lot of gems that come up suddenly to create the effect of a huge explosion. When these gems release their EPs and you hear them, your faith in good music actually becomes restored. Hailing from the Southwest of the UK rock … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Gold Skies Ahead ‘Bremerton’ [EP] 2013

Gold Skies Ahead boast a strong reputation of a dynamic, fresh-sounding band bringing fiery diversity to the UK scene. The release of their debut EP back in 2012 and heavy touring helped Bedfordshire quintet build a loyal following and create quite a stir in music circles. July 2013 sees the release of Gold Skies Ahead’s … Continue reading