Reptile – ‘Confused’ [Single] 2016

Since their formation in 2014, London-based Reptile have been touring relentlessly and gaining more and more listeners into their loyal following. The same year the band released their debut EP ‘Something and Nothing EP’ which presented the musicians able to mix various genres fluently and talk about a wide range of topics. Come 2016 and Reptile … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Biffy Clyro @ GlavClub / Moscow / 23.05.2014

There are those gigs which you dream of seeing, which have become legendary and which are awarded the honourable title of ‘the best gig of my life’ by those of your friends who have been lucky enough to witness the grandness. Biffy Clyro are already a legend of contemporary music scene. Having taken about twenty … Continue reading

Face to face with We Were Lions

   A rush of adrenaline through your veins, massive melodies and emotive vocal performance – We Were Lions deliver all these, and much more, in plentiful. At the moment the guys are gearing up for the release of their newest EP ‘Horizons’ and Rock Britain asked Lloyd Coombes, James Martin, Rob Cole, Phil Lamont and Dan Vinnicombe about everything We … Continue reading

Introduce your music /// Moose Patrol ‘Drowning’ [EP] 2013

Manchester alternative rock trio Moose Patrol started their way in music in 2011 after meeting at high school and discovering their mutual desire to write tunes. The band’s debut EP ‘What Lies In The Dark’ came out soon after the collective’s formation and allowed the new-born outfit to get themselves well noticed. A year later … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// The Diamond Noise ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ [EP] 2013

If you think that rock ‘n’ roll is dead, think twice. Or better give a listen to the London-based The Diamond Noise’s EP ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ and hear for yourself: rock ‘n’ roll is as alive and kicking on this indeed diamond EP as it has never been.

Face to face with Dolomite Minor

If you like your music sleek, with dirty riffs and dark, intense sexuality that will send continuous chills down your spine, welcome to the world of Dolomite Minor. A two-piece, who have played small venues around the UK alongside Reading & Leeds and T In The Park to meet equally enthusiastic response, are well on … Continue reading

Theatre night out /// We Will Rock You @ Dominion Theatre /// London /// 12.08.2013

When songs from the past are still relevant in the present and, moreover, create the buzz not less than upon their release, it does tell you a lot about the band. Queen’s songs belong to exactly this category of ever-lasting and never-getting-old songs. For years after the band released their last studio album in the … Continue reading

Feature /// Franz Ferdinand: Let’s Do It Right

Big words about becoming this special band who change music and rewrite its certain rules are easier said than done. For most bands it’s only a fantasy, but for others – reality. Having named their band after one of the most important people in the beginning of World War I with the idea of becoming … Continue reading

Traveller’s playlist /// London Vol.1

When my plane touched down in London and, after following numerous signs, I found myself  outside of Heathrow’s fifth terminal, the buzz of London kicked in straight away. Staring out of the window on a bus journey to my hotel, I soaked in the atmosphere of the great city from busy streets with busy people … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Kasabian

We all love rock stars with attitude, don’t we? Bands who make music with love for the art and a fiery, bold rebellious spirit that splash out of every song they write are always great fun to have around. Kasabian have been bringing this fun of music to us for over a decade and this … Continue reading