Reptile – ‘Confused’ [Single] 2016

Since their formation in 2014, London-based Reptile have been touring relentlessly and gaining more and more listeners into their loyal following. The same year the band released their debut EP ‘Something and Nothing EP’ which presented the musicians able to mix various genres fluently and talk about a wide range of topics. Come 2016 and Reptile … Continue reading

Take It As Gospel – ‘Sober’ [Single] 2016

Championing DIY ethics, Take It As Gospel mark their appearance on the stage with the debut single ‘Sober’. The song takes listeners on a roller-coaster ride over sharp chords, mighty bass lines and steep rise-and-fall music landscape following sharp turns at full speed. It’s bold and daring, with angelic turning devilish in a matter of … Continue reading

In their words /// Milo’s Planes on ‘Two Feet In A Crowd’

‘Two Feet In A Crowd’ is a rawr cool track from Milo’s Planes. The band’s own Joe tells you, Rock Britain readers, the story behind this song. This is a song about eavesdropping on people’s conversations; it’s about taking from other people to make yourself look better…and looking like a cunt in the process. I … Continue reading

Sunday playlist /// India Mill

Who: India Mill Where: Lancashire What: Alternative rock Facebook: There’s great energy and finest retro touch, irresistible drive and catchy swinging rhythms, expressive vocals and intoxicating melodies. Hooked? Welcome to India Mill.

Wednesday playlist /// Discover Vol. 7

Mid-week music feast for your ears comes from General Fiasco, Candy Says, Fairs, Puppet Rebellion and Half Hour Hotel.

Wednesday playlist /// The Joy Formidable

Originating from North Wales, the magical alt rock of The Joy Formidable is exactly the kind of music to send chills down your spine.

Song of the day /// ArtClassSink ‘Face The Day’

Who: ArtClassSink Track: ‘Face The Day’ What: Indie/rock/shoegaze/alternative Where: Oxford

Featured EP /// Emmott And The Folkestra ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ (2013)

Modern interpretation of folk music can indeed be an engaging one. Emmott And The Folkestra throw rock, punk and acoustic in the mix to folk music and get something truly unique on the outcome. Sounding very fresh, the band’s EP ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ is a three-track wonder of merry tracks that will easily get … Continue reading

Wednesday playlist /// The Shallows

Haunting, eerie sound produced by The Shallows will be enough to enchant you and convert into The Shallows addict.  

Independent outlook /// The Sea | The Sea ‘Four Demos EP’

How many bands do you know whose music sends chills down your backbone? Or I should rather reverse the question. How many NEW bands do you know whose music sends chills down your backbone? The Sea | The Sea‘s music does. Released exclusively for Record Store Day and available absolutely for free until the release … Continue reading