The Mirror Trap @ 16 Tons, Moscow; 01.06.2016

Intimate gigs are special. And when such shows are performed by a very special band, the event becomes twice as impressive. While The Mirror Trap are conquering more and more people all over the globe, it’s a tremendous pleasure to have a chance to watch them play small venues. On the first day of the … Continue reading

The Mirror Trap – ‘Simulations’ [Album] 2016

The third full-length from the Dundee wonder The Mirror Trap was, for me personally, one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Having heard some of the songs last July live in Moscow, I knew that those who love really good music were in for a real treat. And a real treat ‘Simulations’ is! Packed … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Placebo/The Mirror Trap @ Gorky Park, Moscow /// 04.07.2015

There are bands whose performances you never get tired of seeing and Placebo are among the mighty. The way they connect with their audiences at live shows is very special and thus turns their gigs into something more than just another concert. Placebo’s first ever performance in Moscow took place at Gorky Park’s Green Theatre … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Silent Men’ [EP] 2015

The Mirror Trap have this rare sound that sends shivers of excitement down your spine and makes you feel ecstatic to the point of being completely overwhelmed with emotions. Each of their releases is an ultimate music experience of its own that can’t fail to impress you. The Mirror Trap’s newest EP ‘Silent Men’ is a … Continue reading

Musicians’ inspirations /// Gary Moore (The Mirror Trap)

I wanted to show a sort of generational solidarity when choosing a British album that has been inspirational to me, I toyed with the idea of picking something like Time For Heroes by The Libertines, or Silent Alarm by Bloc Party, something that came out when I was still a wide-eyed youth, but in the … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Stay Young’ 2014

Nowadays in order to stand out bands mix a lot of music ideas in their sound, but not all succeed in doing it properly. Scottish outfit The Mirror Trap have a particular know-how for embracing a lot of inspirations and turning them all into something so truly special, that you’ll have not much choice other … Continue reading

Top 5 Bands To Watch Out For In 2014

The year 2013 presented to the world a lot of UK talents to watch out for. Apparently, 2014 promises to be similarly big with a lot of releases from the best new bands on the UK scene. Temples One of the most promising and exciting new psychedelic bands in the UK Temples are preparing to … Continue reading

Looking back at 2013 /// The Mirror Trap

The moment I heard The Mirror Trap, I fell in love with their music irreversibly. But hey, give them a listen and tell me if it’s even humanly possible not to fall for them? Gary Moore looks back at The Mirror Trap’s 2013. The Mirror Trap on Facebook Biggest achievement of 2013 2013 has been … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Mirror Trap

Dundee collective The Mirror Trap are Scotland’s best kept secret. Drawing inspirations from a lot of various genres, the musicians mingle  them into a sound of their own best described as rock ‘n’ roll with attitude. Don’t try to pin them down – The Mirror Trap are too unique for that. The band started in … Continue reading