The Virginmarys – ‘Divides’ [Album] 2016

The Virginmarys are among those bands that keep the music scene exciting and, above all, rock ‘n’ roll – alive. The Macclesfield trio know how to make music with attitude and, going by what feels right, The Virginmarys produce something truly extraordinary. The band’s sophomore record ‘Divides’ is definitely amongst the most stunning releases of 2016. … Continue reading

Traveller’s playlist /// London Vol.1

When my plane touched down in London and, after following numerous signs, I found myself  outside of Heathrow’s fifth terminal, the buzz of London kicked in straight away. Staring out of the window on a bus journey to my hotel, I soaked in the atmosphere of the great city from busy streets with busy people … Continue reading

Face to face with The Virginmarys.

They are pure rock ‘n’ roll, undoubtedly talented and irresistibly charismatic. Apart from that, their debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ rocks. They are The Viginmarys. The band’s frontman Ally Dickaty talks about the album, inspirations and music memories. – Your album ‘King Of Conflict’ is out. How could you describe the record to those listeners … Continue reading

Featured song /// The Virginmarys ‘Just A Ride’

The Virginmarys rock and it’s a fact that can’t be denied. Their music possesses a fantastic rock ‘n’ roll spirit, which, alongside the musicians’ immense talent, make their songs really precious. The band’s debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ has reached high places in iTunes charts and definitely shook the world of rock lovers with its … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Virginmarys

Past epochs in music still serve a great inspiration for musicians and music lovers of today. When these influences get reconciled with contemporary sounds of the best quality, then real rock ‘n’ roll of today as it should be gets born. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce The Virginmarys. The Virginmarys mingle Nirvana-influenced grunge with … Continue reading

Saturday playlist /// Music with heart, soul and talent

Bands that have what it takes to stand out and appeal to listeners with their music are worth of gold nowadays, however, if one tries hard enough, one can find these gems. These are the music gems that’s been rocking my week so far.