Future Sound Cartel – Communities Chest [Single] 2016

With a lot of today’s music sounding as if it came from one and the same sound factory, London-based Future Sound Cartel do stand out. A lot. A challenge to mainstream and mundane, the band boast unusually crafted sound with attitude, character and unmatched boldness. They’re absolutely unafraid to experiment and thus put all their … Continue reading

In their words /// Mark Mathews on ‘The Girl’

“The Girl” was born when I was sat alone in my, then, girlfriend’s house in New Zealand. I was bored and had nothing to do and so I was just sat there noodling around on my guitar. I came to find a simple melody that felt quintessentially British to me, (reminded me of early Beatles … Continue reading

Video of the day /// Twin Atlantic ‘Free’ (Live)

Video of the day /// Blood Red Shoes ‘Light It Up’

Video of the day /// Kaiser Chiefs ‘Listen To Your Head’

Video of the day /// Canterbury ‘Ready Yet?’

News digest /// 15th – 21st July

PaperPlane Announce EP Details PaperPlane have announced the details of their highly anticipated EP ‘Rebuild’: the record will be released on 12th August. The tracklist is as follows: 1. Strings Like Ribbons 2. Live Her 3. All With Rivers 4. Chariot 5. Rose On the EP, which was recorded in Stockholm, PaperPlane are capturing inimitable, … Continue reading

Video of the day /// Alexander ‘Say Hello’

Video of the day /// Fresh Like Dexie ‘B-Side Story’ (Live)

Band: Fresh Like Dexie EP/DVD: ‘Fresh’ Featured track: ’B-Side Story’ Up for some sensual, viscous, very intense song with soaring, powerful female vocals? Here’s ‘B-Side Story’ for you. Swarming with overwhelming emotions burning like a slow, but passionate flame, ‘B-Side Story’ has secret powers it generously unleashes on you.

Video of the day /// Fresh Like Dexie ‘Light Me Up (You’re Timeless To Me)’ (Live)

Band: Fresh Like Dexie EP/DVD: ‘Fresh’ Featured track: ’Light Me Up (Timeless To Me)’ This song will definitely light you up with easy-going moods and tons of fun hiding behind each line. Firm, well-crafted outlines of the track make it a sharp-cut and assertive affair. Very funky, deliciously upbeat and fresh like citrus juice, ‘Light … Continue reading