Concert stories /// Funeral For A Friend @ Moscow Hall; Moscow; 20/03/2013


The year 2013 has been really eventful for Welsh own Funeral For A Friend so far. The lads have released their newest record ‘Conduit’ – a follow-up to 2011’s ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ and not only that. Naturally, the release of the new offering was followed by intensive touring which brought FFAF to Moscow on the snowy March 20th.

It’s been about six years since Funeral For A Friend and Moscow last met in 2007. With the parting being as long as it turned out to be, from the very start of the gig it showed how much both parties missed each other, so the meeting became a very happy reunion indeed. Mode “connection: established” quickly spread in the room a few seconds after Funeral For A Friend hit the stage to bring their raw power vibes to the packed Moscow Hall. These musicians definitely belong to the breed of bands who immediately put their audiences at ease with their unrestrained energy and attitude that give the feeling that you’re watching not a just a renowned band, but a renowned band who have the same story as you do, the ones you can relate to.

Funeral for a friend moscow show poster

With the highest tempo set it didn’t take Funeral For A Friend long to turn the whole place into a mess of mosh pits and circle pits which were shaking the floors and pulsating in the walls. FFAF’s gig brought out only what really matters, namely the energy – raw-power, sweeping-you-off-your-feet and the connection – up close and personal. And now imagine all these exploding in a small, underground-type venue and turning the show of  this ferocious alternative act into a really intimate, but at the same time triple as fiery affair. The way FFAF’s music united everyone that night showed the great powers of this piece of art able to work magic on total strangers and turn them into a unified, breathtaking choir singing along to ‘Juneau’, ‘Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t’ or ‘History’ from the bottom of their hearts and at the top of their lungs. Stories from ‘Conduit’ and ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ interweaved with anthems from ‘Hours’ and electric blasts from the super debut ‘Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation’. That night these stories not only united people, but also inspired them, when Funeral For A Friend’s lead singer Matthew Davies called on everyone to look for hope and positivity amongst anger and betrayal and never give up on their dreams even if the whole world is against. And if you struggle to do it on your own, Funeral For A Friend’s music is always there for you.

Though brief, but eventful and intense, the show was a great return of Funeral For A Friend to Moscow and hopefully the next parting won’t be as long as the previous one.


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