Face to face with We Were Lions

   A rush of adrenaline through your veins, massive melodies and emotive vocal performance – We Were Lions deliver all these, and much more, in plentiful. At the moment the guys are gearing up for the release of their newest EP ‘Horizons’ and Rock Britain asked Lloyd Coombes, James Martin, Rob Cole, Phil Lamont and Dan Vinnicombe about everything We … Continue reading

Face to face with Skeleton Kid

Still upset that Motley Crue are going to call it a day? Dry those tears. UK has great heirs to the glory of the scandalous outfit with great music. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to Skeleton Kid. Performing within the genre of shadow punk, Skeleton Kid will storm into your life and make themselves … Continue reading

Feature /// China Rats ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ [EP] 2013

Throw together inspirations from punk rock and only the best classic British guitar rock bands, melt them, shake well and there storm out China Rats with their guitar punk rock of high voltage and great talent. Taking care to write real, guitar tunes rather than something you just can dance to, China Rats create the … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Miss Vincent

Inspired by Alkaline Trio, Miss Vincent will show you how to rock and roll just the right way.  –  What was the beginning of Miss Vincent as a band? – Alex and our former bassist put an ad up online and that’s how Lawrie and Alex found each other. After six months of desperately searching for a drummer, Jack … Continue reading

Track by track /// Miss Vincent ‘Creepy’ EP

Miss Vincent, Guildford’s answer to the sombre, edgy US punk likes of Alkaline Trio and Misfits, are set to release their debut mini-album ‘Creepy’ on the 2nd September. Co-vocalist and guitarist Alex has previously explained the title as “a way of succinctly putting into words how a lot of the themes on the record make … Continue reading

News digest /// 29th July – 4th August

Autopsy Boys Announce Show And Single Release Mingling hardcore punk with 80s synth pop, Autopsy Boys are preparing to strike. September will see the release of the band’s new single ‘Crushing on Cynthia Leech’ and prior to that you can catch the band play a live show in Leeds: August 17th  Hempten Jig all dayer at … Continue reading

Track by track /// Ashestoangels ‘With Tape And Needles’

Prior to the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘With Tape And Needles’ on 26th August,  Ashestoangels give a track-by-track guidance through the record. ‘The Highest Choir’ This track started out as a much longer thing called Seraphim Song.  We had been playing it in various forms for years and we knew we wanted … Continue reading

News digest /// 15th – 21st July

PaperPlane Announce EP Details PaperPlane have announced the details of their highly anticipated EP ‘Rebuild’: the record will be released on 12th August. The tracklist is as follows: 1. Strings Like Ribbons 2. Live Her 3. All With Rivers 4. Chariot 5. Rose On the EP, which was recorded in Stockholm, PaperPlane are capturing inimitable, … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Ashestoangels

Hailing from Bristol, Ashestoangels revolve their sound around huge doses of punk and electronics. Gloomy and darkened, slightly adorned by gothic air, spiky and sharp, their music will strike straight to your heart and infect you with its electric nature. “I started Ashestoangels a very long time ago; most people learn their craft in a … Continue reading

Featured EP /// Emmott And The Folkestra ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ (2013)

Modern interpretation of folk music can indeed be an engaging one. Emmott And The Folkestra throw rock, punk and acoustic in the mix to folk music and get something truly unique on the outcome. Sounding very fresh, the band’s EP ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ is a three-track wonder of merry tracks that will easily get … Continue reading